Updating Your Kitchen: 9 Worthwhile Designs To Consider For Your Space In 2016

Have you debated about updating your kitchen to 2016, but don’t know what you could expect when it happens. According to a couple of chandler and Scottsdale interior designers, current interior decor trends, there are nine trends homeowners could anticipate seeing in 2016, which includes a 1980s theme, high-tech workstations and muted color schemes.


What other kitchen designs could you expect seeing?


9 Interesting Designs You Could Expect To See For 2016 Kitchens


Soft Color Palettes


If you want to alter the color scheme in your kitchen, this is the year you should do it. While white motifs still lead the way in kitchen color schemes, soft color tones are ideal for the rest of the kitchen including the cabinets and backsplashes. Pastels such as pale green gray and blues, grays, charcoal and tinted whites tend to be the alternative to white.


And, for kitchen cabinets, light wood tones such as white oak, whitewashed woods and walnut seems to be the way to go.


Tech Space


Kitchens are liable to get a hi-tech look to them, with designated areas available for smart devices and storage. For instance, there may be hidden charging stations to ensure tablets and phones can be charged but out of the way.  The idea is to give people who are always on the go some convenience. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see steam ovens, built-in coffee machines and other state-of-the-art appliances in newly redesigned kitchens.


Going Back To The 80s


The 80s are not dead yet… at least not for the kitchen. You could expect to see high-gloss surfaces, brass accessories and mirrored backsplashes. The only difference is that they’re a bit more refined and stylish. The 80s elegance will have an amalgamation of natural materials to move past the plastic look that dominated. Brass with satin is more the choice this year than shiny fixtures.


Metal Look


During 2015, homeowners opted for metallic finishes such as bronze, brass or copper. They went for minute upgrades to metal with their cabinet pulls, pendant lights and faucets.  For 2016, metal is getting a bigger play in the aesthetics and will outdo wood for range choices. Instead of wood mantle hoods, it’ll be more common to see metal hoods or a combination of the two.  If you’re going with neutral colors, the metal hood can give your kitchen a bit of contrast.


Integrated Living Space


Many times a kitchen feels separate from the rest of the home, but if you want a more accommodating kitchen space, this is the year for it. If you want your kitchen to feel accommodating, you want it to converge with the primary living space in the home. Kitchens and living spaces will merge into one and include integrated and hidden appliances.


Contrasting Texture-on-Texture


Texture variations are going to rule 2016 instead of the traditional contrast methods. Instead of powerful contrasting designs, kitchens will get texture-on-texture designs. It’s not just mixing and matching textures. Rather, the designers are going to reposition the same texture in various patterns all through the kitchen. One stone will have three ways it can be used and combined. It’s a subtle difference but make a big statement that brings some attention to detail.




It’s not just table lamps and ceiling lights that will get lighting fixtures. Cabinet lighting is the way 2016 is shaping up to be. LED lights and low-voltage light tape strips are liable to be seen under cabinets as a new interior design install trends, under countertop overhangs and inside cabinets.  The features are to be rearranged with recessed lights to provide a better mood-setting atmosphere.


Mid-Century Modern Design


This mid-century modern furniture popularity is moving into the kitchen area, with the use of walnut cabinet doors and islands.  However, it won’t be uncommon to see some 1960s styles in the kitchen. The design mainly uses white color palettes, light wood textures and getting rid of the clutter.  The 60s design, also known as the Nordic design, is about functionality and goes for simplicity.


Simple, Traditional Design


Many of today’s kitchens like an ethanol fireplace in the living room, are all about the simple design, with a cleaner feel that includes bold lines and less elaborate details. Homeowners want things that are strategically placed with an emphasis on key areas – cabinet crowns, islands, hoods and more.