Sell Your Home Fast With These House Staging Tips

When you decide to put your home on the market for sale, you typically want to sell that piece of property as efficiently and quickly as you can without having to reduce your asking price for interior design services. In order to accomplish that task, there are certain staging methods you can employ to increase the overall appeal of your home. Below is a brief list of some of the most effective methods.

  1. Add Curb Appeal – A home that looks more appealing from the outside is much more likely to have potential buyers inquire about a tour. Lure people in with greenery, clean exteriors, clean windows, well-manicured grass, and any other aesthetic boosts.
  2. Create an Inviting Facade – Whether you have a large front porch or a small stoop, you can make the area inviting by keeping it clean, adding potted flowers and furniture, and using adequate accent lighting.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean – Potential buyers are much more likely to be positive about the home if it’s spotless. While this requires a bit of work, it is one of the cheapest ways to maximize the aesthetic of your home for staging purposes.
  4. Remove Distracting Clutter – Anything that might be considered unsightly or unnecessary should be removed from the home before it is shown to potential buyers. They will want to see the home in its optimal state, so while it might be inconvenient, all that clutter must be dealt with, even if it only gets hidden away temporarily. Even things that could be considered decorative should be removed if they are too busy, which will help appeal to the maximum number of possible buyers.
  5. Create Balance – While you don’t want to be too cluttered, it is important that the home have a cozy feel that makes it seem like more than a mere building. Leave some personal elements around to make it feel like the house could be a home to those who are interested. Don’t overdo it, but build an opportunity for buyers to see themselves living in the space.
  6. Dining Area – If you regularly use a dining room table, it is probably bare when it isn’t in use, but adding something to the table like a centerpiece or other decorations will help create a sense of comfort. Again, balance is key, so don’t create some sort of arrangement that feels overly decorative or stuffy.
  7. Detail Floors – Flooring is quite a big issue for many buyers, so make sure your floors are pristine. Carpeted rooms should be steam-cleaned, and hardwoods should at least be mopped and possibly even refinished for maximum appeal. Area rugs in certain areas of hardwood flooring can be a good idea as well.
  8. Symmetrical Furniture Arrangements – A good rearrangement of the standard furniture placement can give the home a stylish and open feel. Try arranging the furniture such that it doesn’t outline the room, but instead create an area where close conversation is convenient.
  9. Neutral Tones – Repainting the interior of your home will make the walls pop, but don’t overdo it with bright colors. The idea is to appeal to the masses, so use muted tones like whites, grays, and beiges. This provides a cultured and sophisticated environment.
  10. Gender-Neutral Bedrooms – Again, the best way to increase the appeal of your home is to create a stage that doesn’t focus on any one demographic. This is especially true in the bedrooms since you have no idea who will end up in them. Focus on cleanliness, natural artwork, and gender-neutral colors.
  11. Open, Clean Closets – Potential buyers are going to want to look everywhere, including the closets. Closet space is vastly important to many people, so be sure your closets are as clean as possible to make them look as large as possible. It’s a good idea to keep the doors open as well so guests can easily peek inside.
  12. Perfect Unused Accents – This is especially important in the bathroom and kitchen. Be sure all bars of soap are brand new when staging a home, and keep other personal elements like towels and bathrobes out of sight unless they appear in perfect condition.
  13. Create Flow – One of the best ways to showcase a space is to naturally arrange items within it so that the flow of the space is inherent. Use artwork to entice further exploration through the house as the potential buyers explore.
  14. Remove Pets and Odors – It should be fairly obvious that no pets should actually be present during a staging, but be sure the signs that they were there in the first place are gone as well. Pet owners with carpeted areas should certainly steam-clean the carpets, and any other areas that have signs of pet activity should be thoroughly cleaned as well.
  15. Don’t Forget Outside – Almost all homes have some form of external space that can be staged for the viewing, even if that space only includes a small balcony or terrace. Every potential space that buyers could ask to see should be staged, and that includes the outside areas.
  16. Seasonal Staging – If you’re trying to sell your home in the summer, focus on making any outdoor vegetation or gardens look as good as possible. The same can be said for any other outdoor area in the summer, like a pool. If you’re trying to sell your home in the fall or winter, focus on themes that match those times of year. For fall, perhaps a nice outdoor fire pit could be built, or make some crisp apple cider for your viewers in the winter.