Kitchen Countertops Selecting the Perfect Material

Selecting a Surface Material For Your Kitchen Countertop

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Are you considering building a new kitchen, remodeling an existing one, or just giving it a face-lift? Whatever is your decision, one fact remains that countertops play a critical role in the visual appeal of your kitchen. One big challenge in buying countertops is a large number of options available in the market today. The market is currently flooded with different types of countertops which range from hardly known options like terrazzo and glass materials to popular materials like butcher block. However, we have compiled a list of 9 most recommended kitchen countertops; check out the best option for your kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertop


The attractive mottling coupled with the beautiful color combination and the variety of natural designs make each piece unique. Its hard surface makes it resistant to knife nicks, heat, splashes, and other wear and tear.  Our top Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona interior designers love granite countertops but that is not the only choice for elegant luxury.


Like the case with most stones, to avoid stains, granites need routine sealing. Also, due to the heaviness of granite material, a very strong cabinet box will be installed to accommodate it to avoid problems.

Price range (per square foot): between $35 and $100

Solid Surfacing Kitchen Countertop

The solid surfacing countertop’s basic materials are polyester and acrylic. Initially, the countertop was sold under the name Corian which became a common name for it. However, in current times, the kitchen countertop is produced by a lot of manufacturers and has gained increasing patronage over the years.


Due to the nonporous nature of solid surfacing, it is easy to maintain; no special cleaning or sealing is required. Although the material is highly prone to burns and scratches, they are easily removed. They come in a variety of colors and design patterns, and since you are not interested in a natural countertop material, you can try out various shades of tomato red or turquoise. When properly installed, your countertop is free from cracks which may trap debris and dirt.


interior-design-sliderAlthough the solid surfacing countertop material may look and feel uniquely artificial, it could cost as high as natural stones. As earlier stated, it is highly susceptible to knife nicks, hot pans, and other wear and tear as a result of usage.

Price Range (per square foot): between $35 and $100

Quartz Surfacing Kitchen Countertop

The Quartz Surfacing is designed with resin and quartz chips tinted with color, making it a nice compromise between the ease of maintenance and the beauty of the stone material of solid surfacing.


With respect to maintenance, the quartz surfacing has similar merits with the solid surfacing. Unlike the natural stone, it comes in a wide range of styles and colors.


The material is smoothly colored and lacks the natural look that granite has. It is expensive; although it can last for several years, which makes it a worthy asset.

Price Range (Per square foot): $40 and 90$

Marble Kitchen Countertop

The Marble Kitchen Countertop indeed has all the glamorous feel and look. Its distinctive veining and luminescence make it outstanding; it is indeed a choice for that traditional kitchen look.


No other countertop material can compare with marble for pure elegance. It is heat resistant, and since it maintains a cool nature, it is a great option for baking and pastry.


Marble countertops are stain-sensitive, even with regular sealing. Hence it is not recommended for use in the entire kitchen, but should be limited to a portion or two of the kitchen. It may also scratch the chip.

Price range (per square foot): Between $40 and $100

Tiles Kitchen Countertop

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are usually affordable and with a wide range of designs and colors. Tile countertops fit most kitchen patterns: from the majestic Old World, to Country.


It is resistant to heat, stains, and sharp objects. In the event you got them broken or cracked, they are easily replaced.


Since the surface of the tile is not smooth, it becomes difficult for a user to comfortably use a cutting board or spread out a pie crust. When unsealed, it can easily accumulate stains; damages can be done as a result of standing moisture which may encourage bacteria growth.

Price Range (per square foot): Between $10 and $80

Laminate Kitchen Countertop

The Laminate kitchen countertop is made of paper mixed with resins and attached to particle board. This countertop has been a preferred countertop choice for most homeowners for ages. Over the years, the countertop has significantly improved in style. The most recent designs available on the market have the looks of butcher block, stone, and other costly surfaces.


The Laminate countertop material is inexpensive, which makes it a preferred choice for homeowners on low-budget. It is very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. It is made of a lightweight material; hence it doesn’t require much of a strong cabinet box for support.


The Laminate material is susceptible to burns, scratching, staining, and extensive use leads to obvious signs of wear and tear. Because the board core has raw particles, undermount sinks cannot be used with the laminate. Also, in the event of damage, repairs are difficult or sometimes impossible.

Price Range (per square foot): Between $10 and $30

projects9Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

Slightly similar to the granite material and often used in overlays in washrooms and bathrooms, the soapstone is unique as a countertop material. It comes in a subtle, nuanced elegance but still looks humbler than marble and granite.


The soapstone has a soft natural feel with a depth that perfectly fits into traditional and cottage-styled homes. Although it initially comes with light gray, over time the color darkens.


The soapstone kitchen countertop requires routine polishing with oil to maintain its glow. With constant usage, the countertop can begin to crack, and they are highly prone to knife scratches and nicks and other sharp or hard objects. The rough nature of the surface can cause scratches on china and glassware.

Price Range (per square foot): Between $70 and $100

Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel kitchen countertops were commonly found in commercial kitchens, but in recent times, they have gone viral. The stainless steel is specially customized for your kitchen; so be sure of a perfect fit.


The main reason why you find stainless steel kitchen countertops in restaurants is because of its durability, and it is heat and bacteria resistant. It also has a unique look that fits so well in modern and industrial-style kitchen setting.


Fingerprints are easily seen on the surface, and they need frequent cleaning. Also, stainless steels are easy to dent. It produces loud, disturbing sound when dishware, pans and pots clangs against it. It discolors when chemicals touch the surface, and this may leave undesired imprints on the surface. The material is very expensive because of its custom fabrication

Price Range (Per square foot): Between $65 and $125

Concrete Kitchen Countertop

When we talk of concrete, a lot of persons tend to think of floors. Concrete is used to make great countertops. The material is touchy when compared to others. It has an industrial chic that befits a loft or adds class and style to a traditional kitchen.


The concrete material is highly versatile – it can be designed in different shapes and colors as you wish. You can easily add up special inlays like glass fragments, shells, and rocks. Concrete surfaces are rugged, and it is resistant to heat.


If sealing is not done frequently, it will attract some stains. Over time, some cracks may be noticed on the surface because of the heavy nature of the material; the countertop may need a very strong cabinet support. Similar to stainless steel, the custom fabrication makes it an expensive countertop.

Price Range (Per Square Foot): Between $75 and $125

Butcher Block Kitchen Countertop

The Butcher Block Kitchen countertop has an elegant and fresh look. It is most fitting for cottage-style, country, and traditional kitchens.


A lot of homeowners prefer the butcher block because of its natural appearance, warmth, and variegated natural appeal. Even though it easily gets knife scratches, it develops a shopworn it gives; Afterall, that’s what the chopping blocks are made for. And you can easily sand out those scratches.


When exposed to moisture, wood normally swells and contracts; it is no different with butcher block. It is a haven for bacteria, hence demands regular disinfecting. To protect the surface and fill in the scratches, oiling is required.

Price Range (Per Square Foot): Between $35 and $70

Paper Composite Kitchen Countertop

Paper countertops are made of paper fibers blended with resin. The countertop surface is environmentally friendly and far tougher than it sounds.


The paper composite countertop surface has a hard look, but with a warmer feeling. The hardiness is amazing and is highly resistant to heat and moisture. It weighs far less than concrete and natural stone.


The paper composite material can easily sustain scratches and highly prone to chemical reactions. To keep it in shape, it requires periodic cleaning with mineral oil as well as sanding. Although it sounds like a cheap kitchen countertop option, it is expensive, except for a DIY installation.

Price Range (per square foot): Between $85 and  $120

Besides the countertops highlighted above, if you have a favorite interior design trend or kitchen countertop, kindly share with us below