Easy Cleaning Tips That Take Just Minutes to Perform

sectionalWhile we can’t promise that you will just click your fingers like Mary Poppins and get your cleaning done for the day, we can offer you some super quick and very easy interior designer cleaning tricks that will have your home sparkling in no time! We found some tips that are as close to the magic of Disney that we could possibly get. Read on to see how to make your house shine in no time!

Wear Your Socks

Do you have some old socks lying around that you never use? Put them to good use as dusters! Lightly spray the bottoms of your socks with cleaning solution. Now, use your feet to clean places that are usually hard to reach for you, such as the corners of the floorboards. You can also get those really hard-to-reach places like the bottom of your dishwasher, oven or refrigerator, as well as table legs and low window frames. Socks will also help you get your blinds clean if you wear them on your hands with a small amount of cleaning solution.

Cleaning the Fridge

It isn’t fun having to clean out all the messy spills, crumbs, and dirt from the refrigerator. For an easy solution, take plastic food wrap and line all of your shelves before you put any food away. Every week or so simply pull the liners off and throw out. You’ll gather all the dirt and crumbs easily and without the hassle of scrubbing the shelves.

Shine Your Kitchen Quickly

bedroomHaving dirty appliances can very easily make your kitchen look even dirtier and older than it may be. But it really only takes a few minutes to make everything sparkle like new again! For your refrigerator and front of your oven, spray on some furniture polish and wipe off to make them shine. Gas hob burners can be made to look like new by taking them off and sealing them in plastic bags with a quarter cup of ammonia overnight. In the morning, rinse them off and dry them and they will shine like they are brand new.

Wipe down your toaster, microwave and any kettles with a good disinfectant for a new look. Blender looking dingy? Fill it up halfway with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Turn the blender on high for 15-20 seconds and then wash it thoroughly with water to rid it of the soap.

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

Our personal objects and  ick up a lot of dirt and germs that we don’t even think about. Take a few minutes to run a disinfectant wipe over your cell phone, TV remote, purses, wallets, keys and more. We all handle these items daily and it is important to keep them clean. You may also want to carefully clean the keyboard of your laptop or desktop with an old toothbrush, which will pull out crumbs and dust easily.

Old Toothbrushes Used to Clean

Are you dealing with old grout in your tiles? Find an old toothbrush and make up a mixture of Borax, baking soda, and water. Dip the toothbrush in the mixture and start scrubbing away at the grout. Old toothbrushes are also perfect for hard to reach places, such as your old waffle iron or around faucet handles