Bathroom Setup Strategies for Couple’s Stress Relief

When you’re young and in love, you feel like love can conquer all – until you move in together and all of those quirks that you used to find so amusing and cute become extremely annoying until they start to drive you crazy. Every couple struggles with finding a way to mesh their two lives into one. This interior design and setup blending can be a particular struggle in the bathroom. From fighting over counter space, to arguing over who gets to shower first, the bathroom can be one of the toughest places to compromise in a relationship. If you feel like you’re in a constant battle in the bathroom with your significant other, follow these three tips to help get your bathroom (and your relationship!) back on track.

Consider Separate Sinks

Nothing can save a relationship like having separate sinks. Having two different sinks is a fantastic solution you may not have considered. Separate sinks gives each partner his or her own space, allowing for different levels of organization and cleanliness. No longer will he have to complain about constantly finding her hair in the sink and her curling irons left out on the counter, and she won’t be on his case for smearing toothpaste all over the counter or for leaving whiskers in the sink. Each person is able to organize (or not!) their own side as they see fit. Another bonus is that separate sinks improves the value of your home, as it is considered a bonus to most buyers. So not only are you improving your relationship, you’re improving your home’s value at the same time.

Invest in Better Storage

Nagging never helps any relationship. If you or your spouse are constantly nagging and complaining about things being left out, look into your storage options. Is there truly enough storage to accommodate the two of you? You may find that you need to double your storage options now that there are two people living together instead of one. Be creative with your storage ideas and look for places where space is being wasted, like behind closet doors or bathroom cupboards. Visit stores that specialize in creative storage options, like Ikea or Container Store. Making sure you have enough interior decorator storage space for both of you can help your relationship tremendously.

De-stress Your Bathroom

If you constantly fight over your bathroom, your bathroom may become associated with feelings of anger and frustration, which you may not even realize. Bring some peace back into your relationship by ridding your bathroom of the things you fight over. Change the look and feel of your bathroom to make it feel like a refuge away from the stresses of life. Bring in candles, redecorate with soothing, spa-like decor that both of you agree on, and turn your bathroom into a sanctuary that you both can enjoy.

Learning to compromise is never easy, but your bathroom doesn’t have to be the source of all of life’s arguments. Follow these simple tips and change your bathroom from being a source of frustration in your relationship to a place of peace and tranquility.