Downsizing interior decorating

6 Tips to Decorating an Apartment on a Budget

6 Tips to decorating an Apartment on a Budget

Customizing your luxury home rental or apartment can be a challenge considering the risk of compromising on your security deposit. However, if you are creative, you can overcome this challenge and add a personal touch to your home. Below are six tips to decorate your apartment on a budget.

1. Use decals, removable wallpaper, or paint an accent wall

An accent wall covered with some design or wallpaper adds personality to a home. Apart from being cost effective when you install removable wallpaper, you won’t have to worry about permanence. In case your taste changes, you can remove as you wish. You can even add spot designs using decals to make it more appealing. Another innovative way of adding color and customizing your designs is using washi tape.

In addition to the above, painting an accent wall adds the aesthetic appeal of the room. Since you are not covering bigger territory means you will be repainting only a small portion of the wall when you vacate the premises, so you won’t have to worry about losing your security deposit. To add more flair and personality to the walls, please consider painting with several colors or creating a pattern. The best thing about all these creative ideas is that they are inexpensive.

2. Install mirrors to increase visual space

Downsizing interior decorating
Apartment interior design

As you move into a new apartment, you might be amazed by a lot of empty spaces. However, with time you will fill the empty spaces with furniture and other belongings such that the house looks cramped. So, the best way to fool yourself or your visitors is to use illusions. Well positioned mirrors can provide an illusion of more space. This works best in small Tempe apartments. According to the head of, mirrors have the power to seemingly expand space especially in places where your visitors spent most of the time such the living room. Besides using mirrors, making use of the height of a room can achieve the same visual appeal. For instance, when you use taller curtains can create bigger height space.

3. Upgrade outdated hardware to more modern ones

If you are looking for inexpensive and easiest way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your rental home is to change the hardware. Simple upgrades such as changing towel racks, light fixtures, TP holder, and other accessories can go a long way to freshen up space without worrying about losing the deposit. Likewise, some customization in the kitchen such as changing cabinets’ handles and knobs will improve visual appeal while keeping the original hardware intact. So, if you have just moved into your small apartment and don’t have the budget for major upgrades, you can adopt these small changes but remember to replace the old hardware when moving out.

4. Remodel your kitchen with stainless steel

Apart from replacing hardware in the house, you can also freshen up the kitchen space by using faux granite or stainless steel, especially to wrap appliance and countertops. This is simple as installing removable wallpaper. All you need to do is lay out a vinyl covering on the surface you intend to remodel and the result is a modernized kitchen. People have realized that you can use this cool trick without getting in too deep, spending too much, or losing security deposit.

5. Avoid nails, Instead, use alternative adhesive

The main reason why most people lose their security deposit is attributed to the state of the walls. Nails can create holes which will have to be refilled before a new tenant move in. For this reason, you should use other alternatives such as wall putty to hang light stuff such as posters or prints. However, you should avoid hanging delicate items such as glass with putty because in the event that it fails, you will have to clean up the mess. There are several heavier-duty adhesives solutions for hanging items. You can find them in most retail and hardware stores.

6. Make use of textile to make space cozy

Another less intrusive strategy of improving your rental apartments is using textile to make the space comfortable and cozy. The beauty of this trick is that you won’t have to change anything on the wall, hardware, or appliances. It is also budget-friendly; most rugs and pillows are readily available and affordable. The key thing is in the selection and positioning these items in your apartment.

Giving your home small interior designer makeover does not only create a haven for you and your family but also create a sense of pride and enliven your mood. With the above tricks, I’m sure you can make your apartment look great without investing much or compromising on your deposit. Do you have other cost effective strategies to freshen up your home? Please share what has worked for you.