Interior Design Trends 2016

Modern Interior Design Trends The Southwest

Many homes in the southwestern US have a different appearance than in other regions of the country, due to the climate of the region. Often times, people make use of light coloring in the design of their home. This is commonly done for reasons of practicality, rather than for design purposes. However, there are many ways that one can make your interior decorator services stylish looking. In recent times, there have been some new and interesting trends for interior design of homes located in the southwestern states. Some of these trends are certainly quite unique.

Pink is very much in style throughout much of the southwest. However, it isn’t just any shade of pink. Light colored pink has become very popular in the North Scottsdale area. This isn’t entirely just about making the interior of homes look pretty. The light shade of pink helps to keep the residents of a house cool.

Very light colored blue has also become a popular trend for interior design in the southwestern United States. The light colored blue has a somewhat neutral look, but it is eye catching in it’s own way. The light color of blue also helps to keep rooms cool. This can help you save on air conditioning during the summer time.

There is a lot of revivalist and chandler interior designers from the 1970s nowadays. This style has been long forgotten by many people. However, there is a big effort to bring this type of interior design back. Many people are certainly joining in on the trend. Artistic and geometric shapes play a big role in this style of interior design. It really is quite eye catching to say the least. Nowadays, we are seeing homeowners integrating this style into their homes throughout the southwest.

Interestingly, wood floors have become much more popular in recent times. It adds to a rustic appearance of a home. This is something that many homeowners are looking for. The rustic look of wood floors certainly goes well with a house that is located in a rural area, away from the city. However, many city dwellers have been getting wood floors put in too. In fact, people living in all regions of the southwest are beginning to adopt the trend of wood flooring.

Of course, traditional southwestern styles of interior design are still very commonplace. Of course, light colored earthy tones and cactus plants are still part of many southwestern homes. That definitely doesn’t look like it will be changing any time too soon. Woven carpets and upholstery are still very much in style all over the Phoenix Metro Area. Also, terracotta is still very commonplace throughout the southwest, as it has been for many years. Terracotta is commonly used for pottery, but it is also used for walls and floors. Certainly, terracotta is a central piece of the traditional southwestern style interior decorator trends. Many homeowners in the southwest are looking to make their home more in keeping with traditional southwestern interior design.